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Turn emails into actionable tasks and break free from your inbox.

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Escape your inbox

Email in Karbon is connected to your team and everything your practice is working on, not locked away in individual inboxes.

Seamless workflow

Assign emails to colleagues, prioritise them in your to-do list, or add them to a job so they’re right where you need them, when you need them.

No blind spots

With everyone’s emails to and from a client in one place, you always know who said what and when. There’s no room for blind spots.

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Popular features


Turn emails into actionable tasks, assign them to colleagues, track by job or client and share with your team so you can all work together.

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Job management

Manage work on the go, plan ahead, assign it to your team, keep up-to-date with progress and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Flexible workflow allows you to run your practice your way. Set the status of work, tasks and checklists so everyone knows how it’s progressing.

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“There are a lot of great things about Karbon. Having notes, emails, and files attached to work keeps everything you could need in one place for each project.”

Bette Hochberger
bette hochberger cpa2

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